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Hair Change Up 

I always wanted to try ombre- but I will be honest, I am one for never changing it up with my hair, I mean let’s face it hair is like…….permanent.

I went to Luminez on Long Island.  Click here for details

With an amazing cut from Tammie and Ombre from Lisa- I will say I’m more then obsessed.  I am super detail oriented so of course I asked every specific for this process and their team knew every detail.

With its blade angled at 3°, the Calligraphy cuts the hair on the diagonal, rather like the careful cut to preserve a flower stem. The hair is not damaged – instead, the gently and carefully guided blade results in visible movement in the finished cut, which makes it appear fuller. This requires the highest degree of precision and care because the perfect result depends on an even more precisely defined, more pronounced cutting angle of between 21° and 23°. The finely honed ergonomic design of the Calligraphy enables very safe use so that the stylist’s full focus is on the customer`s hair.The results from the Calligraphy Cut made with Calligraphy Pen give fine hair volume, elasticity, flexibility, movement and – the most important thing: The hair is easy to style at home.

You guys have to book your appointments early.  They never disappoint. Check out more shots on my Instagram




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