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Esprit forms collaborative partnership with Opening Ceremony

Esprit formed a collaborative partnership with Opening Ceremony. In celebration of their co-branded Spring/Summer 2017 release, Esprit and Opening Ceremony recently opened a pop-up shop in Amsterdam. The team decided on combining art and architecture.  The shop is created out of a shiny-transparent plastic called Myst.  Myst only exists in only nine colors, made with a unique material.

Noman designers Selina Parr and Lara Tolman recently sat down with FRAME to shed light on the pop-up and the inspiration behind its design. You can check out an excerpt from the interview below while a look inside the pop-up appears above. For more from Parr and Tolman, head on over to FRAME‘s website.

The address is listed below- for those of us New Yorkers we can just simply stare with awe.

Amsterdam’s Esprit x Opening Ceremony Pop-Up is open now through Saturday, May 6.

Esprit x Opening Ceremony Pop-Up
Contemporary Art Lab B.V.
Looiersgracht 60
1016 VT Amsterdam

Photo Credits: Here



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