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How to be prepared- AND nail an interview process-

What a horrifying thing a job interview- right? I mean think about it.  You are going into an unknown place, with unknown people, just waiting to judge you.  I mean realistically that’s what a job interview is- people judging you.  Judging your experience, your past jobs, your choices, your appearance, your voice, your handshake, your eye- contact- everything.

I mean, they’re judging the way you blink.

So the fashion industry-

If interviewing wasn’t bad enough, getting our hands on interviewing in the fashion industry is just a sinking ship.  But it doesn’t have to be.

I’ve set up some steps on how to interview from top professionals in the industry.  Although every company culture seeks something different in their candidates, there are similar bases.

Step 1: Do your research.  Like everything about the company.  When they started, how, by who, what idea, where, why? Does the CEO have kids? Is the newbie hired because she has great internships- where’s the growth potential- why are they looking for someone

Step 2: Know the job description inside and out.  Get it? Got it.. good.

Step 3: Get a manicure.  Men.. Women.. Get it please.  Unpolished fingernails are a pet peeve.  Even clear can cut it- but do yourself a favor.  Baby blue and bright orange for “summer fever” isn’t cutting it.

Step 4: Know the company’s competition.  I remember the first job I interviewed for.. when they asked who else was I interviewing with, I mentioned their competition.  It was true, but it also made the company understand I wanted this specific line of work- not just simply a “job”

Step 5: Be prepared for difficult questions- be able to say: you know what- that’s a great question and to be honest with you I am not sure and will have to get back to you rather than make up an answer that is clearly not well thought out or honest.

Step 6: Look at people who work at the company.  Look at LinkedIn, Google, Facebook.


Be 15 minutes early.

Step 8: Bring several copies of your resume, bring a notebook.  You can take notes.

Step 9: When they ask if you have questions- *thinks no probably not* …. Says: Yes, and lists at least 2 strong questions like: What are some of the obstacles you expect the person in this role to face?

Step 10: Send a thank you email, and then please please do not write: Thank you for taking the time to meet with me.  I look forward to hearing from you.-


Write a detailed thank you note that touches on some of the topics that were said in the interview.  Highlight something personal so they know you really took away information from the conversation and the position means something to you.




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