Lindsey Nicole Staples

Okay so you will see how candid I write, I write the way I would text.  And that probably drives some of you nuts- and I am sorry about that.

One of my colleagues about a year ago let me know about this brand – Lindsey Nicole.

My friend Kay said- Laur you have to check these out- they’re so  you.  And clearly, they are.

The reason I love these so much is because they are super lightweight- butttttt they hold everything.  And I mean everything

So.  Let me give you the scoop.  I am currently house hunting so I’m kind of living out of my bag when it comes to outfit changes.  And I pile everything in these everyday bags.

You guys at the very least, need one of these as a staple.  The designer, Lindsey, just launched her Spring line- and it’s all I have eyes for.  Recently, I asked if I could come visit the showroom- it’s super inspired and lucky for the brand- has an awesome team and designer to back them.

I’m a super basic- bag kind of gal but with these- I can be basic but they’re so differently basic that it makes sense for me.  They stand out and they’re an affordable luxury.

Living in Manhattan you force yourself -well I do- to live on a budget.  You have to, it’s life.  Since birth our parents have been telling us to save.  But now you can have that “off the runway” bag – for every day, for every night and at an affordable price.

I haven’t been able to choose my favorite so let me know what you guys think- please xx



Unique – Modern – Luxury

Conceived in New York / Made in Italy

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