BIP Season 4 Takes a Turn Downhill

BIP Season 4 Takes a Turn Downhill

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The Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Takes a Turn Downhill

So if you aren’t shocked the Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 breaks out with some drama but this time “pre aired”

LA Times film write Amy Kaufman here states on twitter that Corrine and DeMario (both seen on Nick and Rachel’s seasons) got extremely intoxicated on the first day of production which was June 4.

A source said to have stated that it went from a casual hookup to “almost porn” LOL – no they didn’t have sex on camera but source says they might as well have-

One of ABC’s long time producers was disgusted and fled the set, deciding to not show up to work the following day but instead spent her time filing a third part complaint.

ABC made a statement Sunday: “We have become aware of allegations of misconduct on the set of Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico,” Warner Bros. said.

The team is said to have suspended all production until further notice.  ABC plans to air the show August 8th, and since have not changed the date of airing.  The initial cast will be: Amanda Stanton (personal favorite and hometown hottie), Robby Hayes, Corinne Olympios, and DeMario Jackson.

The cast was recently seen taking a flight to Huston, TX.

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