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How does it work?  You hear everyone talking about it but here’s the latest.

  1. You RENT designer pieces.  Most of the time we are only wearing a designer looks once- because let’s face it, once you take a picture in it you’re done with it.  I mean it’s just the way society is.  You’ll see me – the total opposite- I’ll post the same outfit over and over again.  If I like it, I’ll wear it… sorry
  2. Love the fit.  With a free backup size and 100% fit guarantee, all you have to worry about is the look itself and having fun at your event.
  3. Return for free.  One of the reasons I’m not the best online shopper is because I hate returns.  I’m not sure if its being lazy or just not caring enough.  But it is a bad quality.  With Rent the Runway you can pop into a UPS Dropbox and it goes back easy.  The team cleans and quality inspects every item at their facilities.
  4. OK so what’s the plan now?  Check it out here

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