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This App is Changing the Way You Shop 

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity or blogger’s Instagram and thought, “OK, how can I recreate that into my wardrobe?” I mean –I can stalk the comments and try to find the brand- the website….. Buttttt it’s just too hard. You can shop this photo at the click of a button. Realistically we only have a few minutes to shop online before our boss catches us sifting through Zara’s shopping card wondering what will make this week’s budgets (I swear I’m the only one left in this world that’s excited about their job and says at 5pm where did the time go?? 
That’s another story. 


MeSpoke has come out with a easily downloadable app where you can shop directly from your favorite blogger’s page. In other words, you just got a lot poorer.. being honest. 

You’re shopping from celebrities closet’s- I mean quite literally. You can check out my profile for some ideas. 

MeSpoke is a fashion catalogue and shopping data analytics company. The patent-pending MeSpoke app allows users to rate and select for purchase (directly from the manufacturer) fashion items that they spot in their friends’ photos.

MeSpoke creates one of a kind social and visual engagement to act on the real-world fashion conversation: I love that! Who makes it? Where can I buy it?

In this way, MeSpoke helps fashion brands shrink the find-buy cycle.

Soooo in other words sign up- shop my closet and get synced. 

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