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What Netflix Says About You

I’ll warn you.. each one you read you’ll say.. yeah I can see that

Netflix- a word created for you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for $7.99 a month

I’m not quite sure what Netflix shows say about my personality- because I’m all over the board from chick flicks, politics, to medical shows.  I’m a strange girl- but hey, I guess that makes me a little more complicated.

Netflix is really my enemy thought, we’re in a love-hate relationship.  Friends can barely pull me out of bed on the weekends with one eye shut and one eye glued to my laptop binge watching episode after episode, even seasons I’ve seen before.  It’s like an addiction.  If anyone ever invented a more “chill” thing to do – I wouldn’t believe them.

I’ve shared with you some of my favorites- based on my SnapChat questions of “What shows do I watch on Netflix?”

I’ve collaborated with the team over there to rate their app –I’ve said 10/10 (unless of course they don’t have my updated series at the moment.. then my answer may change.


  1. Grey’s Anatomy

The medical drama series focuses on a group of doctors at a hospital in Seattle, including several who began their careers at the facility as interns.

Everyone was raving about Grey’s Anatomy.. and I never watched it.  It just seemed like there were 100 seasons and although that’s a good thing when you are actually into the show.. when you’re thinking about diving in to binge-watch start to finish it can be a little overwhelming- BOY was I wrong..

giphy (6)

  1. PLL- Pretty Little Liars

Freaking duhhh.  This post seems sufficient for the day since PLL’s season finale aired last night.. stay tuned for my thoughts on that but it took me about 3 seasons deep to actually get into it.  It was like a car wreck, you want to look away so bad but you can’t stop watching  – my spirit animal: Spencer freaking Hastings- smart AF and sure does over react when you rub her the wrong way.. how many people are “dead to her??”

(#hint) half the cast she’s just “done with” – LOL sounds like someone I know


3.                                                                 Scandal

Not sure if y ’all can see this or not buttttt I love shows in the political world- my favorite movie is Olympus has Fallen- an action packed movie featuring the steamy Gerard Butler saving the day from a terrorist attack on the White House

Scandal’s story line is based on Olivia Pope – gladiator, falling in love with the married Mr. President – as she’s wrapped up in several love affairs and scandals in the White House she handles day by day covering up dramatic murders and cheating scandals- juicy is it?

giphy (1).gif

  1. 90210

Nothing like your summer chick flick to binge on Saturday morning after a hangover- it’s like standing up takes everything you have and more

90210 features the Beverly hills brats figuring out life from high school to adulthood, through their breakups and drama- We follow the lives of several wealthy students attending West Beverly Hills High School in the upscale and star-studded community. The show later focuses on the same group of friends when they graduate and begin their lives in the adult world.

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  1. One Tree Hill

If you haven’t watched One Tree Hill – well that’s just wrong and what generation are you apart of?

The 20-somethings of Tree Hill find more questions than answers as they try to keep their dreams alive and their friendships intact.

Brooke Davis- fashion icon, transforms into Mommy of the year with her stunning Julian by her side- I swear it’s awesome. Haley faces the challenges of running a busy cafe and raising two children while her husband, Nathan, jumping through hoops- quite literally. Clay. Nathan’s friend and business partner, pursues a romantic relationship with Quinn, Haley’s sister. Together this group continues to share experiences as they work towards defining what their lives will be.  Peyton and Lucas- can’t spoil for you.

I’ve watched the show countless times, having a TV romance with Nathan Scott- if someone ever asked me what my type is well that’s it… one time he liked my Instagram and I went all “OMG GROUP CHAT HE LIKED MY INSTA” status


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Stay tuned..

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