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Does it really matter what I post on Instagram?

Soo this topic has always been controversial for me. People ask me all the time- do you think it really matters what someone posts on instagram- I mean it’s YOUR outlet. 

So unfortunately it does matter.

I mean I guess you may have guessed this on your own but if Instagram wasn’t so prominent in the world then maybe no. But nowadays it’s like before you meet someone they’re already stalking your Instagram profile. Before you go on an interview- a date- join a sorority- annnything. It’s like “well wait – let me show your their Instagram first”

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It’s like your first impression on the world. Sadly- it’s true. Snapchat- kind of safer since it’s a little more personalized but Instagram- even if you’re private. There are ways to stalk you anyways. Google…..

On Instagram, we have the power to present ourselves in the way we want, whether it is actually true to who we really are or not.

We get alot of “likes” from strangers…

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And we enjoy this very much.  “Guys.. I am having an excellent day..”

I can’t tell you the amount of people that ask me details like:

Do you acctuuuually have this? No I stole it off someone’s body- of course I have it.  I’m wearing it.  But- 

This is actually a valid question.  We take pictures FOR Instagram.  We sounds a bit ridiculous when you think about it, doesn’t it?

But I am guilty of this and so is most of the world so I’m fine with it.

Hey, at least I’m cool online 😉

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