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My First “Published” Staple for Fall


What do you guys think of this Suede Bomber for Fall from Super Dry ??  Not going to lie I love it, clearly right? –Because I’m posting it.

Lucky for you it’s on sale NOW- from $249 to $124 – shop from link above

I’m always asked to do product reviews on things I wouldn’t wear or that I don’t like– which would be helpful I guess.  I mean thinking about it I would like to know my favorite blogger’s do’s and don’ts.  It’s just interesting that’s all- but for some reason I can’t bring myself to write negative review on something- I just choose not to post about something if I don’t like it or don’t find it special.

I have been asked a lot about this recently in your Instagram DM’s — which honestly I love because I get flooded with emails and I think it’s a little bit easier to get in touch via Instagram since it’s almost like another texting app- while for me it is.  Sometimes my friends will DM me or e-mail me and be like– LAUR LOOK AT YOUR TEXTS.  ok mini tangent- sorry.

Anyways, my love for jackets came within the last couple of years but for some reason they’re so attractive to my eye.  It’s like a guy that has nothing going for them that you want in a partner but you can’t put you’re finger on why you like them — LOL THIS IS THE SAME.  I can’t put my finger on why I need several of almost the same jackets but I just know I do.  So when I find out the answer to my own questions – I’ll totally let you know.



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