A Guide to Virtual Dating

A Guide to Virtual Dating

The best dating advice, honestly does that even exist?  My heart breaks from the young girls messaging me over Instagram to tell me their first love broke their heart. I mean it actually kills me.

My friends often ask me if “its weird if he..” and I’ve grown to be pretty open about things so usually my answer is no but if you asked me 5 years ago- I’d be like block his number omfg he might kill you does he have your address… spiral paranoia – I have the worsssttt anxiety.

Now, if you don’t have a dating app – or 3 on your phone your basically out of it.  You live in another universe.

My guy friends with long term girlfriends even tell me THEY have dating apps (yes its bad but its accepted) it’s like oh well yeah this girl messaged Tom but honestly it’s fine right I mean everyone does it.. well that’s another story

(Btw- I actually do not have these apps so I get the look that you are probably receiving when you tell your squad you haven’t gotten that creepy Tinder message asking to meet up at 3am)


Sooooo how does this work– this whole online dating era? I mean a little attention is great right. Those “babe your so hot and all”. Well that’s fine and great until you get that dreaded text- so when are you free for drinks?

I mean, can’t we just stay pen pals?? It’s pretty awkward to meet isn’t it?

Ok.. anyone who actually knows me can say that I am probably the LEAST awkward person.  I will say absolutely anything to anyone-but for some reason online dating weirds me out..

I’m not sure why but the idea is actually GENIUS. Meet more people, faster, that you would never meet out.

But why don’t people love it?  Maybe because they are getting flashbacks from their first crush in middle school asking to oovoo with you and you’ve spent about 3 hours after school getting ready only for your internet connection to go down.

People are socially awkward now. They just are. It’s no judgement. It’s just that the way of hiding behind text almost makes it SUFFICIENTLY uncomfortable to meet in person. My thoughts? WHO CARES.

My friends text me daily in this group chat we have.. and will be like what should I say..

My answer remains the same:

Don’t answer.

They get so mad at me- “Lauren you don’t just not answer omg.”

I guess I’ve adjusted my personality to be pretty independent.

Online date- meet in person, get drinks? Never talk again? WHATEVER.

Don’t take it so serious.

Download the dating app, delete it 5 times, re download it. Give out your number, block them. Whatever- literally.


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