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Fall or nah?

Fall’s tough for some- it’s a transitional period but it’s something I love.  I just feel like the outfits are somewhat – better?

Shop these shoes- ok these exact ones are pretty old but I did find similar ones – on SALE.. yes, we love that word don’t we?

Shop Here

NYFW is coming up- will I be making an appearance?  Yes, to some- now as much as I want to attend every single show and video every single solitary movement from each fantastic designer, it’s just not possible.

I am attending as many as humanly possible.  Let me know what you guys think BTW — I love feedback on the shows

For fall, what do y’all think?  I know some are distressed at the thought of loosing summer, treating it like a major breakup with the universe- but myself, I loveee the fall.  I just feel like its the best time of the year for clothes.  I mean, that and spring.  It depends on your liking.  I’m planning on doing Must Have Looks from Designer Brands at a similar or lower price.  SO let me make it a little clearer – I’m going to post a more expensive look on Insta Story- (I’ll let you know when) and we’ll also be posting a similar look for less money.  So we can get that designer look for less.

Now-a-days, especially with several girls not willing to “repeat” an outfit, getting that fashion forward chic look is absolutely unaffordable.  So I’m going to make it easier on you and give you some of my favorite designer looks for less.  Head on to Instagram Live tonight at 8PM EST and I’ll be showcasing my looks for less.

Sweater: Call To Order

Denim: Romwe


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