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How Can I Save My Hair From Falling Out?

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Have you ever heard of every woman in the world complaining on their hair thinning, being too curly, too straight, too dry.. the answer is yes.  Unfortunately this isn’t just a complaint but is usually the truth.  Hair “thinning” or becoming less “luminous” is calling Miniaturization.

Miniaturization is the slow but steady process of shrinking hair follicles that produce weaker strands no longer able to reach maximum growth potential.  – Several women are experiencing this daily.  It’s almost like every time you pick up a blow dryer you cringe a little bit knowing you’re contributing to this detrimental situation.

Thankfully there are ways to treat this- with hair care products, hair masks, treatments, exfoliating and other therapy treatments.  Myself, I have super thin long hair.  I cut it once a few years ago (only a few inches off) but it felt like I cut off completely.  – I am so not the one to tell you “Oh yea cut it… it will grow, because honestly I feel like that is a lie.  Well in my case it was a lie.

I never trusted hair salons after this.  I also am guilty of washing my hair at LEAST once a day, sometimes twice.  I know this is horrible but I feel absolutely disgusting if I don’t have beautifully washed hair in the mornings. (It’s so dramatic but it really does ruin my day)

So I started taking matters into my own hands and seeing what I could do to help my struggle. I use several products daily.  But they actually work….

Tip 1:

I put Moroccan Oil in my hair as much as humanly possible (it does make my hair greasy if I put it in the root so I tend to do that at night when I know I’m home for good.  I put tonnsss of it in my hair- from the root brush it through and then excess on the ends since I am a victim of major split ends.



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Tip 2: I wash my hair every morning, when I get out of the shower I put Kerastase heat protection in my hair.  I can’t tell you how much I have noticed a difference.  It just doesn’t feel as “dry”

Just a little bit helps so much – it really does nourish my hair a bit and moisturize- since I blow dry my hair every day I know it’s more protected then It could be

You CANNOT dry your hair without a heat protector.. Might as well set it on fire.


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Tip 3: Blow Drying

When I blow dry my hair I used to blow dry from my scalp to the very last strand of my split ends

That being said, now I only blow dry the front part of my hair (so my scalp) and a few front pieces just to style

Since my hair is super straight I let the back dry and twist the bottom of my hair so that it leaves a light curl to the edges



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Tip 4: I try my absolute hardest to not wash my hair on Sundays.  Since Sundays is usually my “chill day” I can justify not needing to get ready.  I’ll put it in a messy bun while I shower and make sure I let the Moroccan oil sit in my hair for those 12 hours I was sleeping into the day to complete about 24 hours of hair help.

AND.. the worst

Tip 5: I am a lover for the curling iron.  My hair works great with a styling wand and it’s something I’ve loved for years but I try to only use it once or twice a week at the most.  The extra heat only burns your hair and you can try and get a similar look by twisting your wet hair and letting it air dry.  When I do use the curling iron I tend to not hold the hair long so that I am not burning it too long and can still save myself a little bit of hair destruction.

Soo these are my tips and tricks but I’d love to hear what I haven’t tried.  Let me know below- or let’s connect on Instagram to chat more.



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