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Is Snapchat out and Instagram Story In?

Okay so when Instagram Story was first published I found it hard to make the move over.  Sharing your life with social media is hard because the feedback is not always amazing but that’s part of the gig you know? — that being said I am careful with how much I do put on social media.

I ONLY have Instagram.  I have been questioned about that as a blogger- like how do I not have Facebook, twitter, youtube, etc??

As a blogger my site is first and most important for content.  Instagram is just a back up to help engage with my audience.  That being said, adding Snapchat into the mix was something I was hesitant about but I love how you can engage with each other on live video.

I havvvee made the move over to Instagram story because (as mentioned) I love having everyone on just one social media platform.  But I haven’t abanded snapchat.  Snapchat is a bit more personal and it’s cool to communicate with specific friends – but you can probably see more of my everyday lifestyle on Instastory

What’s your feedback?

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