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Sherri Hill NYFW 2017

Fashion week is hard for me to get everything in one post- one reason being I can’t make it to all the shows and two is because I have so much feedback it’s easier for me to separate into several posts.

I don’t know if you guys were able to check out my post on Zimmermann Fashion Week– the show, which I couldn’t make, was absolutely incredible. Years back I almost took a job with their team. Unfortunately it didn’t work out but it was an amazing experience getting to wear their lines. Their style is so simplistic, yet so chic. I guess it’s part of my personal style and what attracts my eye but I’ve always been drawn to their brand.

That being said- I headed over to Sherri Hill last night, a brand that’s not so much RTW but evening. I always like seeing these shows because it’s so out of my comfort zone of what I would wear everyday.

I’m not one for several dresses so it was great to see something different- ok RANT.

My favorite, Josie Canseco opened the show.  (See below)


The show was absolutely fantastic- the collection as always absolutely flawless.  The gowns are AMAZING.







Favorites from the Sherri Hill brand:

Style 51295

Style 51295 – Black

Style 51332

Style 51290

Style 51559

Style 51349

Style 51502

For More Details/Live Video – View Here
Photo Credit from collection: Sherri Hill

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