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Zimmermann RTW Spring 2018

Photo Credit: Vogue

For Spring 18, I was inspired by images from the 60’s and 70’s of the sunny, beachside strip called the Gold Coast in Australia. Beachside suburbs like Surfers Paradise were developed into glamorous holiday spots, and the must-visit honeymoon destination of the time. I was really attracted to the simple, nostalgic feeling in the photos – the somewhat kitschy hotels and apartments contrasted with the surf, the beautiful white sandy beaches and a radiant, golden light. The clear light is something very Australian for me and something I’m always drawn to. The blues are bluer and the colour just goes pop- Instagram of Zimmermann

This season’s runway was taken over by Zimmermann today, 9/11/2017 to showcase the Spring 18 line.  I love everything about the simplicity of the brand and its beautiful aesthetic.  I will continue to be a fan of the brand, the designers, and what it stands for.

View the collection below.



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