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FREE (or not) Coffee Day Recap

Dunkin’ Donuts: FREE Medium or large hot coffee- buuutt with the purchase of one babe 😉

Krispy Kreme: Get a free hot coffee in any size, or a small iced coffee. Their deal runs through October 1, and is good for one per day. –BEST option clearly.  Unfortunately I have never been to a Krispy Kreme, nor do I know where one is- I guess I should google

Peet’s: All coffee beans are 25 percent off today, plus you’ll get a free coffee with any bean purchase… this doesn’t sound exciting to me- but hey for those of you who make the coffee I guess that’s cool for you?

Will not even tell you the name because you probably have never heard of it: “Download our app, get a FREE coffee*,” the chain says. This promotion runs through October 8, but gets cut off after the millionth free coffee. Also, irritatingly enough- It refers to the fact that you have to “activate” the app, either by loading $10 into the account or making a purchase… HAHA who are they???!!!

McDonald’s: Help yourself to a small McCafe beverage for $2. That’s only a 40-cent discount in most markets, but it’s better than nothing. – DO NOT GET THE FRIES.  I REPEAT DO NOT GET THE FRIES.

Cinnabon: Just show up and you’ll get a free 12-ounce coffee, no purchase necessary. (this sounds like minimal effort, I’m with it)

7-Eleven: Get a free coffee, any size, by presenting a code that appears in the company’s 7Rewards app. – they are the easiest freakin’ place there is.

Wawa: Get a free any-size cup of the convenience store chain’s coffee all day long today. (relateable)

Keurig: All weekend long, “most” boxes of K-Cups are 15 percent off.

AND OF COURSE- my prized possession (drumroll please)

 Starbucks is creatively boycotting the holiday. No free coffee, and definitely no discounts.

Instead, participating cafés have removed their menu boards entirely today, and will use that space to show customers on “the role” of coffee farmers and promote the team’s commitment to ethical and sustainably sourced coffee.

I do not know what it is about Starbucks.. maybe it’s their addictive service where your local barista knows your name, your order, and compliments your outfit..? BUT I CAN’T QUIT THEM

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