Raspberries and Rompers is a fashion blog I created to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every aspect of my life.  I look to share my everyday outfits as well as my experience in the industry.  What is usually just clothes to some people- is my life.  Enjoy!


Contact: lauren@raspberriesandrompers.com



Nicknames: I got my nickname from my dad when I was a little girl. Since my middle name is Taylor my dad went around and called me LT and that just kind of stuck.

Favorite things: Chill time

When I’m Bored: PINTEREST

Everyday needs: Coffee

Pet Peeves: I hate waiting- I’m super inpatient.  I also hate when I can’t get something right the first time.  I’m a perfectionist.

My guilty pleasure: Buying thousands of white tee shirts (yes I do that)

Obsession: My email- sometimes my friends email me instead of text- its a better way to get me

I am always honored for anyone who takes the time to look at my blog. If wishing to contact please do so by emailing lauren@raspberriesandrompers.com