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Does it really matter what I post on Instagram?

Soo this topic has always been controversial for me. People ask me all the time- do you think it really matters what someone posts on instagram- I mean it’s YOUR outlet.  So unfortunately it does matter. I mean I guess you may have guessed this on your own but if Instagram wasn’t so prominent in the world then maybe no. But nowadays it’s like before you meet someone they’re already stalking your Instagram profile. Before you go on an interview-…

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What Netflix Says About You

I’ll warn you.. each one you read you’ll say.. yeah I can see that Netflix- a word created for you to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for $7.99 a month I’m not quite sure what Netflix shows say about my personality- because I’m all over the board from chick flicks, politics, to medical shows.  I’m a strange girl- but hey, I guess that makes me a little more complicated. Netflix is really my enemy thought, we’re in a love-hate…

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This App is Changing the Way You Shop 

If you’ve ever seen a celebrity or blogger’s Instagram and thought, “OK, how can I recreate that into my wardrobe?” I mean –I can stalk the comments and try to find the brand- the website….. Buttttt it’s just too hard. You can shop this photo at the click of a button. Realistically we only have a few minutes to shop online before our boss catches us sifting through Zara’s shopping card wondering what will make this week’s budgets (I swear…

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I Tried The Celebrity Diet

Photo Credit For several years now everyone wonders how these celebs stay (what has said to be picture perfect) And most people will just say oh they’re anorexic — they don’t eat. But think about it- these “people” don’t actually KNOW the celebrities so they are basically guessing in a jealous rage. Now think about it.  Most women are unhappy with their body- I have witnessed some of my closest friends who are 100 pounds tell me they’re fat.  And…

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College Graduates

My advice/thoughts to the thousands of recent graduates entering the workforce My Mini Tips I wish I knew how to climb up the latter in the working world and set yourself up for success: Don’t buy $5 lattes from Starbucks 6 times a day- you can have Dunkin Iced Coffee (I do it, but I’m working it out of my schedule) Your first financial goal should be to save 3 months of expenses (something I absolutely did not do when…

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How to Become a Celebrity Stylist- the career everyone THINKS they want

Photo Credit: Elle In my career, people ask me daily how (in my opinion) you can become a stylist.  I spoke to a stylist from LA recently at a networking event, and he told me his day to day in being a celebrity stylist.  I legitimately was shocked.  “So you basically live for them- you breathe when they breathe?” – Basically – I mean, this guy was 247- he had said “Lauren, when they call me at 2am and tell me…

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Join Now- 20% Off Your 1st Order

How does it work?  You hear everyone talking about it but here’s the latest. You RENT designer pieces.  Most of the time we are only wearing a designer looks once- because let’s face it, once you take a picture in it you’re done with it.  I mean it’s just the way society is.  You’ll see me – the total opposite- I’ll post the same outfit over and over again.  If I like it, I’ll wear it… sorry Love the fit.…

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